Sunday, 22 February 2009


The tale of Aladdin is a fairy tale set in a middle eastern context. Today I went to view a performance of it designed for children and they all seemed to be enjoying it. In fact, none of them mentioned the popular Disney version. High praise indeed!

There was, however, some dramas along the way. Half way through the performance the local council arrived to check that a performance wasn't going on. You see, it had been impossible for the woman in charge of both the show and the theatre to get a licence due to this country's rather weird laws. Like in 'The Sound of Music,' we all had to sit very quietly during the interval when the inspectors were outside. 

No, it would not have helped to sing about our favourite things.

If the inspectors knew that this wonderful, inspiring performance had been going on they would have closed the theatre down promptly. 

Instead, they probably went away with a fistful of money. Bribery, or suktum buktum (an Arabic play on words translating as 'see no evil, hear no evil) is very much a part of life here. And that doesn't seem like it is about to change.

I couldn't help feeling proud of the actors who held fast to that old adage, the show MUST go on!

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